Rolf A. Kluenter

Scholarships and Awards
1956 born in Buervenich near Cologne, Germany
1976-1982 Kunstakademie (Academy of Fine Arts), Duesseldorf, Germany
1982 Meisterschueler of Professor Erich Reusch
1988-1994 Lecturer, Tribhuvan University, Campus of Fine Arts, Nepal

Lives in Shanghai, China
Ateliers in Shanghai (China), Katmandu (Nepal), Cologne (Germany)
Scholarships and Awards
1980 Kunstakademie (Academy of Fine Arts), Duesseldorf, Germany
1981-1981 Leers Foundation, Cologne, Germany
1986-1987 Koch & Francken-Sierstorff Foundation, Cologne, Germany
1988 Tribhuvan University & National Education Board, Nepal
1998 HMG Ministry of Tourism, Nepal
1980-1981 Symbols of Tantric Art, Field Study in Nepal
1983-1984 Iconography and Dance of Newar Buddhism, Nepal
1985-1987 Miniatures and Manuscript Illuminations, Nepal
1989-1994 Producer, Animation Film Project, Nepal
1990-1991 Wall Painting, Gustav Mahler House, Antwerp, Belgium
1991 Wall Painting, Highline Automobile Showroom, Antwerp, Belgium
1992 Painting a "Ferrari", Antwerp, Belgium
1993 Himalaya Consultant, Transatlantis Film Production, Nepal
1994-1995 South Asian Calligraphy, Nepal
1995-1996 Bardo CExit Death, Screenplay, Movie, Munich, Germany
1996 Art Space Hotel, Concept and Realization, Katmandu, Nepal
1997-1999 Rahu-Total Eclipse, Screenplay, Art Movie
1999 Atrium-Paper Installation I, Hilton Shanghai, China
2000 Atrium-Paper Installation II, Hilton Shanghai, China
2001 Lobby-Paper Installation, Hyatt Regency, Mainz, Germany
2002-2003 Shanghai Spring Art Salon - Partner Country Germany
Planning, Development of Cooperation Concepts, Coordination
2004 Art & Nature - The Park of the Five Elements, Shanghai
Concept and Layout
2004 Magic Power Design Art Forum, Shenzhen, Project Consultant
2004 Symposium: Identity Lost-why do we need secret rooms?
Jointly organized by The National Gallery Bangkok, Goethe Institute Bangkok
Goethe Institute, Bangkok and Shrinakarin Wirot University, Fine Arts Faculty, Bangkok
2004-2005 Observatory One - A Public Space in Shanghai, Concept & Art
In cooperation with Ming Yuan Art Center, Shanghai
2005 Symposium: Melting Identities šC European and Chinese Art Contact.
Jointly organized by Goethe Institute and Gallery Van Der Straeten, Amsterdam
2006 Art Workshop, in cooperation with Jindal Stainless, India
Corporate Collection:

b+d promotion gmbh, Cologne, Germany
DEG-Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft, Cologne, Germany
Deutsche Bank AG Shanghai Branch, China
Deutsche Bank AG Cologne Branch, Germany
Dr. Kurt Foerster, Wiesbaden, Germany
C.L.Gerhartl Ingenieurbuero fuer Farhrzeugtechnik, Wolfsburg, Germany
Hilton Shanghai, China
Hilton Beijing, China
Dr. Kurth Immobilien, Cologne, Germany
Lead Deutschland GmbH, Cologne, Germany
Lurgi AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Madison Benefits, Group Inc, Houston Texas, USA
Montan Union, Essen, Germany
Graf and Graefin Metternich, Adelebsen, Germany
Poddar Family, New Delhi, India
RWE Power AG, Cologne, Germany
Saraf Family, Bombay, Delhi, (India), Kathmandu, (Nepal)
Shanghai Krupp Stainless, China
VW Haus Rhode, Koenigslutter-Rhode, Germany

Public Collection of:

Cultural Foundation of the City of Beijing, China
Liu Hai Su Museum, Shanghai, China

Private Collection in Asia, Australia, Europe and USA